Creating an Amazon EC2 Launch Instance Step

The basic building blocks of Amazon EC2 are the Amazon Machine Images (AMI). An AMI is a template that contains a software configuration, such as an operating system, application server, or applications that you can run in an Amazon environment. Amazon has a variety of AMIs available and you can also create you own.

To launch an instance from AMI, you need to create an Amazon EC2 Launch Instance step.

To create an Amazon EC2 launch instance step:

  1. Enter a Name for your Launch Instance step.
  2. Specify values for the following required properties:
    Property Description
    Access Key Id The EC2 access key ID to use to log in.
    Secret Key The EC2 secret key.
    # of instances The number of EC2 instances to startup.
    Instance Type The type of instances to run. Allowed values are m1.small, m1.large, m1.xlarge, m2.xlarge, m2.4xlarge, c1.medium, c1.xlarge.
    AMI ID The AMI ID of the instances to be started.
    AWS Jar The full path to the AWS SDK .jar file.
  3. You may choose to specify values for the following optional properties:
    Property Description
    Security Group A comma-separated list of security group names to use.
    Availability Zone The zone to start these instances in.
    Keypair The keypair to start these instances with.
    User data The user data to be passed to the instance.