Creating an Undeploy Application Step

This step undeploys an application in JBoss.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
Application Name The name of the file to be undeployed (including its file extension).
JBoss CLI Path The path to the JBoss Command Line Interface executable. For example: C:\wildfly-8.0.0.Alpha1\wildfly-8.0.0.Alpha1\bin.

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Value for Keep Content If selected, the content of the JBoss server will be kept. The application will be deactivated, but nothing will be deleted.
Value for Undeploy From All Server Groups If selected, this step will undeploy from all relevant servers. This is only applicable in Domain Mode.
Undeploy From Server Groups A comma-separated list of the servers to undeploy from. This is only applicable in Domain Mode.
Controller Name The controller name of the JBoss instance to connect to.
Note: The Keep Content checkbox is not compatible with this step.