UserResponseOptions holds the UserSingleResponseOptions type, as well as an enumeration to determine if a service should stop on failure and send an error message or continue processing.


Name Type Description
UserSingleResponseOptions Extension. See UserSingleResponseOptions. UserSingleResponseOptions extension base. Holds a name value pairing for future elements and enables you to limit the data returned in the response.
multiOption MultipleOption Enumeration element that holds the option to continue processing or stop when an error is encountered.


The UserResponseOptions contains the same funtionality as UserSingleResponseOptions, but it also enables you to specify an enumeration value that determines if the service should continue processing or stop when an error is encountered.

You use the following parameters in UserSingleResponseOptions to control service handling and the amount of data that is returned in the response:


The following XML shows UserResponseOptions in the <urn:options> element of the GetUsers call.