ResponseItemOptions holds the Options type and it enables you to limit the data that is returned in a response.


Name Type Description
options Extension. See Options. Options extension base. Holds a name value pairing for future elements.
sections SectionsOption Enumeration element that controls the sections of an item that should be returned.
specifiedSections string If SECTIONS-SPECIFIED is used in the sections element above, enter the specified section or sections here. The available options are described below in the Usage section.
limitedField FieldIdentifier Enables you to limit the return results based on one or more fields that you identify.


The ResponseItemOptions type is used to limit the return results based on item sections or specific fields that you identify.

You use the following parameters to control the amount of data that is returned in the response:


The following XML shows ResponseItemOptions in the <urn:options> element of a typical call.