The PrivilegeInfo type holds the name and assignment information for a privilege. The PrivilegeInfo type parameters are listed below.


Name Type Description
privilegeId PrivilegeIdentifier Mandatory privilege identifier. Holds the complete identification information for a privilege.
access GrantState Mandatory enumeration element that holds privilege assignment information.
objectId Identifier Object identifier; object type depends on the PrivilegeIdentifier attributes (privilege name or type). Refer to the tables in SetUserPrivileges or SetGroupPrivileges for the objectId that must accompany each privilege type.
projectId ProjectIdentifier Optional project identifier. Mandatory for TS_FLDPRIVTYPE_ADMFLD privilege to uniquely identify a field by the field name and project name; however, it is not required if the field is identified by UUID or database ID.
extendedData ExtendedData Placeholder for future arguments.


The PrivilegeInfo type contains the privilege name and how the privilege is currently assigned. You use PrivilegeInfo in the SetUserPrivileges and SetGroupPrivileges calls to assign privileges to particular users or groups.


The following XML shows PrivilegeInfo as seen in the <urn:privilege> element in a typical call.

        <urn:displayName>IM Project</urn:displayName>