Sorting Search Results

Sort options let you sort search results based on values in selected fields. For example, you can sort items by the state they are in or by their active or inactive status.

Note: The Project (hierarchy) field is displayed is displayed if you select Always perform a primary sort by project on the Options tab of the Property Editor.
Tip: The fields you select for sorting can be different from the fields you select to display as columns or the fields you use in the filter.

To sort search results:

  1. Drag a field from the Report Palette to the Sort By field in the Sort Order block.
    Note: The sort fields cannot include File, URL, MultiGroup, MultiRelational, MultiSelection, MultiUser, or non-fixed length Text fields. SubRelational fields use the field type that they reference, and follow the rules stated in the previous sentence.
  2. If you want to sort by additional fields, drag them to the then by fields. You can specify a maximum of four fields.
  3. To change the sort order for each field, click the up or down arrow next to the field. This determines whether the search results in each column are sorted in ascending or descending order.

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