Sets an array of values for the specified field.

Note: Sub-Relational fields are not supported. These fields are driven by associated Single Relational or Multi-Relational fields, which can be set using this method.


Name Type Description
fieldName String The name of the field.
value Array

The array of values to set on the field. If the field is a Combo Box or List Box, the value must match the value of an item already in the list, and is case-sensitive.

Return Value

Result Value


This example sets the array of string values for the field:

SetFieldValues("Numbers", ["one", "two", "three", "four", "five"]);


SetFieldValues is typically used with Multi-Group, Multi-Relational, Multi-Selection, and Multi-User fields. If this method is used with other field types, it sets the field to the first value in the array.

Before this method can be invoked to populate a searchable Multi-Group, Multi-Relational, Multi-Selection, or Multi-User field, values must be present in the left-hand box on the ListBox control.