Data Mapping Tab of the Service Step Property Editor

This tab is available when you select a Service step in an orchestration workflow in the orchestration workflow editor.

Element Description
Step inputs

This column lists the inputs to the Web service associated with the selected Service step.

Right-click a step input to display a menu of applicable commands.

Source elements

This column shows the source of each of the step inputs.

Select a cell in this column and click the down arrow that appears to open the Select a source popup, which offers options beyond the suggested mappings.

Right-click a source element to display a menu of applicable commands.

Default value

This column allows you to view or edit the default values, if any, for the step inputs.

Note: Any value specified in the Source elements column overrides the value in the corresponding Default value column.
Vertical divider

Clicking the vertical divider to the right of the Property Editor switches the Property Editor between mapping mode and properties mode. Properties mode displays additional information for the selected data element (such as its type and namespace). Drag the divider to the left to expand the properties mode panel.

To see the data sent with events raised during the execution of application workflow transitions, click on a blank area of the orchestration workflow editor, and then click the vertical divider.

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