Drops the BPEL portions of the Orchestration Engine database, creating a set of empty tables will be created after server startup. It removes all deployed orchestration workflow definition data and orchestration workflow instance data from the Orchestration Engine server. After you run renew -clear, start the service, and then run renew -redeploy to restore the orchestrations to the environment.

By default, renew -clear will ask for confirmation before removing data. To suppress the warning, use the -nowarning option.

Important: Do not run -clear until you thoroughly understand your SBM configuration. If you have overlapping environments, -clear will remove the Orchestration Engine data for any environment that points to this Orchestration Engine server, and -redeploy may not work correctly. See Overlapping Environments for details.
Tip: You can look in SQL Server after running -clear to verify that the tables are dropped. See Tables Affected By Renew for details about the affected tables and useful SQL queries.

Example output:

java -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar renew.jar -clear -dbUsername "sa" -dbPassword "password"

WARNING: This will permanently delete all orchestration runtime data. Are you sure? [Y/N]:y