Troubleshooting Orchestrations Using Error Messages

This section contains a list of error messages. Each entry in the list provides the actual text of the message, an explanation of its cause, and a suggested solution. These messages are likely to appear in the Common Log Viewer, but they might also be displayed in error messages boxes or in other areas of SBM Composer.

Execution of the orchestration workflow is stopped because the size of the Web service response has exceeded the allowable limit of {0} at Service step {1}.

{0} is the maximum allowable size, and {1} contains the name of the associated Service step.

Explanation: A Web service response is limited to a certain size in Solutions Business Manager. If the response to a Web service that is invoked by means of a Service step in an orchestration workflow exceeds this limit, the orchestration workflow is stopped. In addition, an error message containing a SOAP fault appears in the Common Log Viewer for the associated Service step. This error message also indicates the maximum allowable size for the response.

Solution: To handle the fault, you should place the Service step within a Scope step and catch the fault in the Catch All branch of the FaultHandler. Also, you should consider reducing the size of the response SOAP message's payload by redesigning the way you invoke the Service step. For example, you could add filtering if the Web service supports it.

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