Configuring Fields

Adding Fields

To add fields:

  1. Select the Data Design filter.
  2. Select the primary or auxiliary table you want to add fields to.
  3. Drag fields from the Table Palette to the Table Editor. You can choose from unused system fields or custom fields.
  4. Provide information on the General tab of the Field Property Editor.
  5. On the Options and Attributes tab, configure settings, which in many cases are specific to the field type.
  6. Use the Forms tab to add the field to forms in your process app.

For guidance on individual settings and options, click inside a tab, and then press F1 to open the online help.

Modifying Fields

All system and custom fields can be modified at these levels:

The level at which you edit the field determines which field properties you can modify.

At the table level, you can modify general field information, options, and attributes. For some fields, you can enter information about field dependencies and enter selection values. You can also set field permissions and field order. These fields become the default fields you use in your workflows and forms.

Changes made at the workflow, state, and transition level are considered overrides. For details, refer to Understanding Inheritance and Overrides.

Deleting and Restoring Fields

SBM Composer enables you to delete all custom fields from the primary table and auxiliary tables of published process apps.

To delete a field, right-click the field in the table editor and then select Delete. When you delete a field, it appears dimmed in the table editor, but is not removed.

Important: Required system fields cannot be deleted.

To hide deleted fields in the table editor, right-click any field and then deselect the Deleted Fields menu option. This setting is applied globally. To revert back to showing deleted fields, reselect Deleted Fields.

You can restore a deleted field. When you do so, its properties are also restored. For example, when you restore a Multi-Selection field, all of it selection values are restored. To restore a field, right-click the field and then select Restore.

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