Event Editor

The event editor is displayed when you select Event without Reply under the Orchestration Links heading in App Explorer. This editor describes field values and additional data that is sent with events raised during application workflow transitions. These events are raised when a transition action is created that invokes an asynchronous orchestration workflow (one created in the Action Wizard with the continue executing (asynchronous) option). The event corresponds to an event definition in the called orchestration. For information about events and event definitions, see About Events and About Application Links and Event Definitions. For information about the Action Wizard, see Using the Action Wizard.

Note: The event is shown as the Event definition source on the General Tab of the Event Definition Property Editor for the event definition that is automatically created when you use the Action Wizard to create an asynchronous orchestration workflow.
Note: The fields and additional data that you specify in this editor appear as Custom data elements in the Event Definition Editor.
Element Description
Description An optional description of the event.
Export to file

Lets you save the event to an .mtd file that can be imported by another process app that responds to this event. The file is used to create an event definition in the other process app.

You can only export an event if an asynchronous orchestration action is created for some transition.

After you export an event, a new event definition appears under the Application Links heading in App Explorer.

Lock definition Lets an asynchronous orchestration workflow in another process app use the event definition. For details, see About Events.
Fields to send with event

Lets you specify which fields from the primary table are sent with the event. If you want to use a field that is not on the list, add the field to the primary table.

Additional data to send with event Lets you add data elements to send with the event. These data elements are then accessible to the receiving orchestration workflow.
New Adds an entry to the list of additional data elements.
Delete Removes the selected data element from the list.
Move up, Move down Moves the selected data element up or down in the list.