Mapping SOAP Header Data

SBM Composer lets you map SOAP Header information, if the WSDL file you are using defines SOAP Header data. This data is listed on the Data Mapping tab of a Service step in the Step Inputs column, and its name ends in _Envelope.

Note: SBM Composer does not support headerfault message elements.
Note: See Using SOAP Headers to Enable WS-Security for information about using SOAP header data for security purposes.

To map SOAP header data:

  1. In the orchestration workflow editor, select the Service step for which you want to map data that will be sent in the SOAP Header. The Web service's WSDL file must define SOAP Header data.
  2. On the General tab of the Property Editor, make sure that the Service step is associated with a Web service and an operation.
  3. On the Data Mapping tab of the Property Editor, expand the _Envelope step input.

    All defined SOAP Header data is listed as data elements under this step input. Step inputs that appear below and at the same level as the _Envelope step input and all of their data elements are defined in the SOAP Body.

  4. For each of the required data elements, do one of the following:
    • In the Source elements column:
      1. Click the down arrow.
      2. In the Select a source popup, select the data element to be used from another location in the workflow, such as the output of a Service step or a working data element.
      3. Click OK.
    • In the Default values column, type the path of the data element to be used, such as SomeWorkflow\FirstCategory\SecondItem.

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