Mapping Fields for Post, Publish, Copy, or Subtask Transitions

You can map fields in the originating item to fields in the newly created item for Post, Subtask, Publish, and Copy transitions.

Each transition type has default mappings that are used if you have not applied additional field mappings. Once you do this, the default mapping no longer applies and you must manually map to fields, such as Submitter or Title.

Note: Prior to SBM 11.5, when copying field values to another item, the system used default mappings for each field, but you could override those mappings by explicitly mapping fields. For example, when posting an item into the same primary table, all field values were copied to the new item and any manual field mappings that you made would override the default mapping. To revert to this behavior, follow the steps in solution S142752.

The following table describes mapping rules for the different transition types.

Transition Type Default Mapping Notes



Items posted within the same primary table contain all the fields values of the original items, except for the Submitter and Submit Date/Time fields.

Items posted across tables contain the Title and Description of the original item.

You can map to compatible fields types.


All field values are copied from the source item to the new item, except for the Submit Date/Time and Item ID fields.

You can map to compatible fields types.

The following table lists compatible field mappings.
Source field type Allowed receiving field type
Binary/Trinary Binary/Trinary or Text
Date/Time Date/Time or Text
File File
Folder Folder or Text
Multi-Group Multi-Group or Text
Multi-Relational Multi-Relational or Text
Multi-Selection Multi-Selection or Text
Multi-User Multi-User or Text
Numeric Numeric or Text
Single Relational Single Relational or Text
Single Selection Single Selection or Text
Sub-Relational Text
Summation N/A
Text Text
User User or Text

Consider the following information when you apply field mapping:

To map fields when you edit a workflow in which a Post, Publish, Copy, or Subtask transition exists:

  1. In App Explorer, select the workflow that contains the transition for which you want to map fields.
  2. In the workflow editor, select the transition.
  3. On the Post Options tab of the transition Property Editor, scroll down to the Mapping area.
  4. Under This item's field, select the field to be mapped to a field in another project or table, or to a field in a new item that uses the same table.
  5. Under Mapped to in the same row, use the drop-down list to select the field you want to map to (from the fields in the table you are posting to).
    Tip: To map all fields with the same name and type, click Map Matching Fields. You can then change the mappings for individual fields as needed. If you change your mind, click Clear Mappings.

    For field mapping details, refer to Post Options Tab of the Transition Property Editor.

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