Filtering Common Log Messages by Logging Level

Common Log messages are categorized by significance, or severity. The following table describes the four levels available in the Common Log Viewer. The levels are listed in descending order of severity. As the severity decreases, the number of messages increases.

Note: The Common Log settings in Application Repository determine which levels of messages are generated for an application or orchestration. If the setting for a particular workflow is less than "Info," you will not be able to see all logging levels in the Common Log Viewer for that workflow. (See SBM Application Repository Guide.)
Logging Level Icon Description
Error Error Icon An error message is logged when the execution of an application workflow or an orchestration workflow fails or when a process app fails or is stopped. The message explains the reason for the error and might suggest a possible solution, and an icon is displayed in the workflow editor next to the design element where the error occurred.
Warning Warning Icon A warning message is logged to notify you that an operation completed, but there were potential problems or unexpected results.
Info Info Icon An info message is logged to provide information about significant runtime events.
Debug Debug Icon A debug message is logged to provide detailed information about the flow through the system and about routine operations.

To specify which messages are displayed based on logging level:

  1. In the Common Log Viewer, select the Details tab.
  2. Select or clear the Error, Warning, Info, and Debug check boxes.

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