General Tab of the Field Property Editor

Element Description
Name This is the name as it will appear to users.
Database field name The unique name by which the field is stored in the database.

The database field name can contain only ASCII alphanumeric characters (A–Z, a–z, 0–9) and underscores. Any other characters are ignored as you type them.

You cannot change the database field name after the application containing the table is published to the repository. You also cannot change the automatically specified database name of a system field.

Type The field type, such as Numeric and Text. The field type cannot be changed. If the field is a system field, [System] is appended to the field type.
End-user help text Click Edit to open an HTML editor and add optional comments or notes about the purpose of the field. The text you enter is displayed to users.

For details, refer to Providing Custom End-user Help.

Privilege section See Field Organization for information about privilege sections in quick forms and custom forms.

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