Exporting a Process App

Use export to create process app blueprint (.msd) or template (.mst) files.

For example, you can export a process app to send the blueprint file to someone who needs to approve it, but who is not authorized to check in the process app or publish the process app. The recipient could import the blueprint, make any needed changes, and export it again to send the blueprint file back to you.

You could also export a process app and send the blueprint file to someone else to load into SBM Application Repository, effectively publishing the process app.

To export a process app:

  1. Open the process app or template and select File | Import and Export | Export to File.

    SBM Composer validates the process app. (You cannot export a process app that fails validation.)

  2. If the process app is valid, in the Save As dialog box, navigate to the directory where you want to save the exported file.

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