Deploy Menu

The following deployment commands are available from the File menu.


The Deploy command opens the Deploy Process App dialog box, in which you select the environment to which you want to deploy, identify the version of the process app, and specify whether the process app can be deployed by others.

You access the Deploy Options dialog box from the Deploy Process App dialog box. The Deploy Options dialog box lets you configure e-mail notifications that are sent when a process app is deployed, and map endpoints.

Quick Deploy

The Quick Deploy command lets you deploy a process app without being prompted to provide the information that is specified in the Deploy Process App dialog box. If this is the first time you are deploying a process app, it is recommended that you use the Deploy command, not the Quick Deploy command. The Deploy command lets you see the default settings and change them, if necessary.

The Quick Deploy command also lets you decide whether you want to create a new version of the process app and whether you want to leave design parts checked in after the deployment completes.

For more information about the deployment commands, see the following topics: