Copying Forms

You can copy a form in the same application or in a different applications.

To copy and paste a form in the same application, right-click on the form name, and then click Duplicate.

See form copies in action

When you copy and paste forms across applications, consider this information:
  • SBM Composer attempts to match fields on the form to those in the target application. If matches cannot be made based on field name and database name, field controls are disabled.
  • You should copy images and styles before copying forms. If images are not found in the target application, they are reset to none; if styles are not found, the default style is used.
  • If a form contains controls configured to perform a transition, the list of transitions is cleared after the copy.

To copy and paste a form from a different application:

  1. If you are copying a form from a different process app and a reference to the source application does not already exist, create one following the steps in Defining a Reference. (Once you have copied forms, you can remove the reference.)
  2. In the source application, right-click the form you want to copy, and then select Copy.
  3. In the target application, right-click on the Forms header in the App Explorer, and then select Paste.
  4. Choose which table to associate the form with.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Associate controls with fields as needed. To do so, right click on a control, select Change Associated Field, and then select a field to associate with the control. You can choose from fields that are not already used and that are compatible with the selected control.