Dependencies Tab of the Application Workflow Property Editor

Use this tab to define dependencies for the workflow or sub-workflow in the editor.
Element Description
Select independent field Select the field for which you want to define a dependency.
Restrict dependent field... When a user selects a value in the specified independent field, the dependent field you specify here is automatically limited to the values you specify here.

In the To these values column, you can use Ctrl+click, Shift+click, and Ctrl+A to highlight multiple values, then click any one of the highlighted check boxes to select all the highlighted values. Click Check All or Uncheck All to select or clear all values.

Change value to Define a specific dependent field default value for each independent field value, based on the following table.
The following table describes how the different options affect the dependent field when the independent field is changed.
Option Behavior when the independent field value is changed
<Leave entry unchanged> The dependent field selection will not change (assuming the previously selected value of the dependent field is also valid for the new value of the independent field).
<First valid entry> The dependent field will be preset to the item listed immediately after <None>.
<None> The dependent field will be preset to <None>.
list of values The dependent field will be preset to the value you select here. This option only applies to Single Selection fields that are set as dependent fields.

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