Add Transition Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to specify the transition that should be executed when users click a button, hyperlink, or image control. For more information, see Behavior Tab of the Control Property Editor.

By default, the transitions you can add are based on the form's context:
  • If a form is used by specific states in the workflow, you can only add transitions that exit those states or out of the "Any" state.
  • If a form is used as a default state form for a workflow, you can select any state that is not already mapped to a transition, and then select a transition that exits that state. In this case, you can map a transition for each state where the button, hyperlink, or image will be shown.
  • You can add transitions that start in the same state but are defined in sibling workflows. You are warned if your mapping conflicts with another mapping for the same control.

If you want to map transitions for any state regardless of the form's context, first select the Allow extended transition button mapping for this form check box on the Behavior tab. This enables you to map any state in the selected workflow to a transition exiting that state. You might use this option if you want to assign the form to a state or project in SBM Application Administrator rather than to a state or workflow in SBM Composer. If you map a transition that is not applicable for a particular state form, the control is hidden from users.

Tip: To map the system Update or Delete transitions to a control, select the "Any" state. Once you do this, you cannot map other transitions to the control. If you have other state/transition mappings assigned to a control, you must remove them before you can map to the "Any" state.

The following options are available on the Add Transition dialog box:

Element Description
Application workflow If there are multiple application workflows in the process app, select the workflow whose default custom state form contains the control.

Select All Application Workflows to map the system Update or Delete transitions for all workflows in your application.

State Select the state with the outgoing transition that should be executed when the user clicks the control.
Transition Select the outgoing transition that should be executed when the user clicks the control.