About the Expression Editor

Many of the steps on the Step Palette include areas that let you define an arithmetic or logical expression. SBM Composer contains a feature to help you write these expressions. This feature is called the expression editor.

Expressions might require a long string such as "EventNotice.Extension.ActiveInactive." To reduce typing errors, the expression editor helps you complete these long strings.

The expression editor behaves similarly to the feature in word processors that suggests potential word choices when you begin typing. The expression editor tries to fill in the expression based on what it knows about the hierarchies of working data, Web services, and process app events.

You can see the expression editor by creating a Calculate step in an orchestration workflow and then typing a letter into either the Target or Expression section on the Options tab of the step Property Editor. The expression editor tries to match that letter, showing you all available choices.

When you get to the end of a structure element, such as EventNotice, press the period key. The expression editor shows you the choices available in the next level of the hierarchy.

The expression editor also recognizes the XPath functions that are available.

Using Data Mapping

Using the Step Palette

Supported XPath Functions