VarRecord FindField() Method

Finds the first field on the list that matches the given name or TS_ID.

Function Signature

 Field FindField(fldNameOrId)


Parameter Type Description



If a non-numeric string, the name of the field to be looked up. If all uppercase, it is taken as the field's database name. Otherwise, it is taken as the display name. The search is not case sensitive; case is only used to determine whether to search by database name or display name. Note that the database name cannot be changed, but the logical name can be changed.

If not a non-numeric string, it is converted to an int and taken as the desired field's TS_ID.


Type Description

Field object

The first Field on the list to match the given name or ID. If no Field objects matched, it returns null. Check for null using is_var_null().

Technical Details

SBM ModScript version: 11.3.



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