Sample One: Read/Write Fields

This sample script copies the value of the Title field to be copied to the Description field. It can be used in the pre-transition, post-transition, pre-state, or post-state contexts.
Note: To use this script, you must add it to SBM using the Scripts editor in SBM Composer. You must then associate it with a transition or state in the workflow in which the state or transition was defined.

Read/Write Field Script Contents

' SBM ModScript Example: ReadWriteFields.tscm

/*  ModScript Example: ReadWriteFields.tscm
    This script reads from a field and writes its value to another field.
    This script relies on Shell.Item(), which only exists in
    pre-transition, post-transition, pre-state, and post-state

//  ----------------------------------------
//  Names of the fields we will work with
add_global_const( "title", "FLDNAME_SRC" ); 
// add a global constant called "FLDNAME_SRC" with the value "title". 
// The keyword "global" could also be used, but then the value is not constant 
add_global_const( "description", "FLDNAME_DEST" ); 
// add a global constant called "FLDNAME_DEST" with the value "description".

//  Read from one field, write back to another field
def ReadWriteFields() {
  var fldValue = Variant(); // since fields can have lots of different data types, 
// we can only get their value as a Variant. When passing a var as an output-parameter
//to a function that takes a Variant, we need to ensure we create a Variant to pass in.
  //  Read from the source field
  if ( !( Shell.Item().GetFieldValue( FLDNAME_SRC, fldValue ) )) {
    //  Error finding the field or reading from it
    Ext.LogErrorMsg( "Cannot read from field \"" + FLDNAME_SRC + "\"" ); 
// ModScript can concat values with + or &&&, but + will add if both the left and right 
// values can be cast to numbers, where-as &&& will always concatenate

  //  Write to the destination field
  if ( !( Shell.Item().SetFieldValue( FLDNAME_DEST, fldValue ) )) {
    //  Error finding the field or writing to it
    Ext.LogErrorMsg( "Cannot write to field \"" &&& FLDNAME_DEST &&& "\"" ); 
// ModScript can use backslash to escape double quotes

//  Find the item being transitioned
if ( Ext.ShellHasProp( "Item" ) ) {
} else {
  //  There is no current item, so write a message to the event viewer
  Ext.LogErrorMsg( "ModScript error: Shell.Item() does not exist." );