Pair, Map_Pair, and Dictionary_Pair


The Pair class stores two objects.

Pair Constructors

In Pair, both first and second can store any object type. It is convenient in a situation in which you need to store two items, such as the AppDb "WithSQL" functions that use a Vector of Pairs for the SQL parameters.

Pair Methods

Map_Pair Constructors

The entries in a Map will be of type Map_Pair. In Map_Pair, first is a string; second is any object type.

Map_Pair Methods

Dictionary_Pair Constructors

Dictionary is a class for supporting dictionary objects in scripts that are converted from SBM AppScript to SBM ModScript, in general, use ChaiScript's Map instead. Entries in Dictionary will be of type Dictionary_Pair. In Dictionary_Pair, first is a string; second is a Variant.

Dictionary_Pair Methods

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