Defines values for fields that you want to change in a transition


Name Type Description
E-signature values
  • authUser (string)
  • authPassword (string)

Provide these values if the transition requires an electronic signature. For details on electronic signatures, refer to the SBM Composer Guide.

  • Text, Numeric (string)
  • Binary/Trinary, Project, Single-Relational, Single Selection, User (integer)
  • Numeric (integer or double)
  • Multi-Selection, Multi-Relational, Multi-Group, Multi-User (array of integers)

Specify fields by the database field name (without the TS_ prefix).


The transition object defines which fields you want to change as part of a transition.

When specifying values for each field, note the following:


The following example provides values for the Status Log and Tester fields:

{transition: {"STATUS_LOG": "Reopen issue", "TESTER": "7"}}


"fieldMetadata": [
    "id": 65,
    "name": "Status Log",
    "dbname": "STATUS_LOG",
    "syscode": 0,
    "type": "journal",
    "renderHtml": false,
    "appendOnly": true,
    "sortNewestFirst": false
    "id": 63,
    "name": "Tester",
    "dbname": "TESTER",
    "syscode": 0,
    "type": "user",
    "renderHtml": false,
    "isMultiSelect": false
"fields": {
    "value": "07/13/2016 03:49:48 PM  -  Bill Admin:\r\n\nReopen issue\r\n"
  "TESTER": {
    "id": 3,
    "name": "Chris Tester"


Integer values for field selections will be different in different environments. When you deploy or promote a process app, UUIDs are kept in sync but not TS_IDs.