Cloning Privileges


Before you can copy a user's privileges to other users, each target user must already be added to Application Repository. Users are automatically added upon successful log in to Application Repository, or you can add them manually.

The Clone Privileges button enables you to easily copy a set of privileges to one or more users.

To copy privileges:

  1. On the Privileges tab, select a source user with privileges that you want to copy to other users. Use the search option if you cannot find the user you want.
  2. Click the Clone Privileges button.
  3. In the dialog box that appears, a list of available users who have been added to Application Repository appears. Click the Add icon in the Actions column next to each user who will receive updated privileges. This adds the user to the Target Users list at the bottom of the dialog box.
  4. When all the target users have been defined, click Clone to copy privileges.
The source user's privileges are copied to each target user that you defined.