Using XML E-mail Submission

E-mail messages, templates, and forms used for XML submission must adhere to the specifications published in the ttemail.xsd XML schema file. On-premise customers can find this file in the xmlschemas folder of your SBM Application Engine installation directory. On-demand customers should contact Customer Support for this file.

Data from the following field types are parsed to SBM fields when submitted through XML e-mail submission:

Data from field types other than those listed is added to the submitted item as a note. This includes invalid field selections. Only one note is created, however, so data from multiple fields and selections that cannot be mapped is added to a single note. In addition, you must use database names rather than logical names for tables and fields included in the XML.
Some e-mail clients may add line breaks or spaces to text in Text fields. When added to SBM items, these line breaks or spaces may affect the formatting of the field on forms.

Examples for formatting XML for use with e-mail submission are available at