Creating Notification E-mail Templates

SBM Application Administrator enables you to create and modify templates for notification e-mails. You can create text or HTML templates; a WYSIWYG editor is available for formatting HTML templates and quickly adding template tags to text and HTML templates.

You can use existing e-mail templates, modify these templates, or create new ones. By default, three templates are available:
  • default.txt – A standard text template
  • default.html - A standard HTML template
  • external.txt - A text template intended for auto-reply notifications

You should use HTML templates if users will apply Rich Text formatting to Text fields that are included in notifications.

Note: Notification e-mail templates are stored in the SBM database and must be modified in SBM Application Administrator.

You can manage templates from the global Templates view (Global Mailbox View) or for a specific notification. If you create a global template, you must assign the template to specific notifications.

To add or edit e-mail templates for notifications:

  1. Edit a notification that sends e-mail messages as its action.
  2. In the E-mail Options section, select an existing template from the list and click the edit icon to edit it, or click the plus sign to add a template. The E-mail Template Editor opens.
  3. For new templates, provide a name for new template in the Template Name box.
  4. Enter text, e-mail template tags, and HTML formatting (if applicable) into the editor, or click Editor to open a WYSIWYG editor.
    Tip: Click the Template Tag icon to insert SBM-specific tags into the template. Click the Fields icon to insert fields into the template. The field's values will be returned in the e-mail notification.
  5. Save your changes.