Overriding Values for Application Variables


Application variables are only available in Application Administrator if they have been defined in SBM Composer for the workflow assigned to the project you are managing.

Override the application variable values for individual projects assigned to the workflow. This enables you to tailor rules based on business needs for various projects. For example, items in one project may need to move to a Review state based on one date; items in a second project may move to the Review state based on a different date.

To override values for application variables:

  1. From the Projects view, click a project name.
  2. Select the Variables tab.
  3. Click a variable name in the list.
    Important: Review and provide values for all application variables with an "undefined" value. Any rule referencing undefined values return as false. This may cause unexpected results as users work with items.
  4. Provide a new value for the variable. Options for providing new values depend on the field type used by the variable.
  5. Save your changes.