Specifying Fields and Values in the Message Body

In addition to, or in place of mapping fields on the Mailbox Mapping page, users can provide fields and field values directly in the message body when sending an e-mail for submission.

If the Parse Fields and Values Found in Message Body feature is enabled on an SBM mailbox, the Mail Client scans the body of the message and parses fields and values that are included in the body. These fields and values are then matched to fields and values in the E-mail Submit transition when the new item is created. Note that this option is enabled by default.

The following field types are supported in the message body:

Note the following important details:

If a field name or value does not have an exact match in SBM, SBM uses the closest field and value it can find. The threshold that determines how many characters can differ for each field and field value is controlled via a properties file that is located on the Notification Server machine. For details on configuring the matching threshold and logging information, refer to solution S141931.

Tip: For best results, verify that there are no fields in the e-mail submit transition that are set as required. Required fields must either be mapped or the field and field value must be included in the message body; otherwise, the e-mail submission will fail. Auto fields, such as Submit Date, do not need to be specified because these fields are automatically populated by the system.