Enabling Anonymous E-mail Submit

Anonymous E-mail Submit enables users who do not have SBM user accounts to submit new items via e-mail. After an item is successfully submitted, you can have SBM send a confirmation response e-mail to the sender. You can optionally allow certain types of attachments to be added when the item is submitted.

Restriction: (On-premise only) The Anonymous Submit feature must be enabled on a project before you can enable Anonymous E-mail Submit for a mailbox. For details on enabling Anonymous Submit first, refer to Enabling Anonymous Submit for a Project.

Note the following information:

To enable Anonymous E-mail Submit:

  1. From the Mailboxes view, add or edit a mailbox.
  2. Select the Allow Anonymous E-mail Submit check box. The Anonymous E-mail Submit section becomes editable.
  3. Decide if attachments should be allowed with new item submissions. You can enter allowed file types and restrict the size of file attachments.
  4. Configure success and failure response templates as necessary, and optionally, consider enabling spam restrictions.
  5. After you save your changes to the mailbox, click Mail Mappings to map fields from incoming e-mail messages to fields in the SBM project. Configure Submit Routing rules as needed to ensure messages are submitted to the correct projects.