Creating Application Groups

An application group is a bundle of applications. A single application can be added to multiple application groups. You can organize the set of applications in each group by role, function, or any business need.

Application groups are pinned to the toolbar in Work Center, allowing users to easily access information related to the applications in the group. Users can perform this task themselves; you can also pin applications and application groups for all newly created users in your system or for specific users and groups. For details, refer to Configuring the Work Center Toolbar.

Each application group has a set of system views that you can customize for users. For details, refer to Managing System Views.

There are two types of application groups: those provided for solutions, such as Release Control and Service Support Manager, and those that you create for your custom applications. You can hide applications from these application groups, but you cannot add applications to them.

Note: Users must have privileges to view items in at least one application in a group before they can pin the group in Work Center.

To create an application group:

  1. Launch SBM Application Administrator using this URL: http://serverName/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?shell=swc&StdPage&Template=appadmin/index.html
  2. From the Administrator portal, select Work Center, and then select Application Groups.
  3. From the toolbar, click Add.
  4. Provide information for the settings on the General tab, and then save your changes. For details on these settings, refer to Application Group General Settings.
  5. Select the Applications tab, and then select the applications to include in the group. For details on these settings, refer to Application Selection Options.
  6. Save your changes.