Calling Web Services From Notifications

You can use notifications to call functions from external Web services to update SBM items or to send SBM data to third-party or custom applications that offer Web services.

For each notification, you can call a Web service function for notification rules based on primary and auxiliary items. You can map the function's input and output parameters to SBM fields.

Note: You can select a single function for each notification, but you can assign a function to multiple notifications.

Consider the following information:

Assigning Web Service Functions to Notifications

To call a Web service from a notification:

  1. In SBM Composer, import a Web service into an application, and then publish and deploy the application's process app to the SBM Application Engine.
  2. In SBM Application Administrator, create or edit a notification.
  3. From the Action list, select Run Web Service.
  4. From the When list, select the condition that must become true for the notification to execute.
  5. In the Web Service area, click the Select Function button. The Select Web Service Function page opens.
  6. Select the function to call for the notification, and then click OK.
  7. Click the Map Inputs/Outputs button.
  8. Map Web service parameters to fields or set fixed values. For guidance, refer to:
  9. Click OK.
  10. In the On Script/Web Service Failure area, select the Retry Every check box, and then type the number of cycles that should elapse before the Notification Server retries the notification.
  11. Select the Quit After check box, and then type a number in the attempts box to specify the number of times the Notification Server should attempt to execute the Web message. By default, the Notification Server will stop retrying the notification after one attempt.
  12. Save your changes.