Administrator Changes

In Administrator Changes, users with the Remote Administration privilege can view changes to most administrative functions, including workflows, projects, user and group accounts, notifications, e-mail setup, localization, and calendars. In addition, users can view changes made to privileges and user, group, and role memberships. This feature can help users analyze setup or security issues that may arise from changes to the system.

For example, you might need to track down details about changes made to a user's privileges. You can find the changes using a filter with the user name specified as the record name.

Viewing Administrator Changes

To open the view from the Administrator Portal, click the More icon and then click Administrator Changes.

The following information is available on the Administrator Changes view:
  • The type of change made (add, modify, or delete)
  • The timestamp of the change
  • The name of the administrator who made the change
  • The affected table name and record
  • The value that was changed. Click the value or click Details to view the prior value and new value. For privilege changes, the privilege name and the type of action (granted or revoked) are displayed.

Sorting and Filtering the List

To sort and filter the list: