Overriding Common Field Attributes

You can quickly override common attributes for multiple default fields in projects or for transition fields. These attributes are:
  • Read Only
  • Required
  • Allow Mass Update
Tip: You can also view all properties for individual fields and override allowable attributes for each field by selecting a field in the list, and then clicking Details.

To override common attributes for fields:

  1. From the Projects view, click a project name.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To override fields for all transitions in a project, select Default Fields.
    • To override fields for a specific transition, select the States/Transitions tab, edit a transition, and then select Fields.
    The list of fields opens in the Fields page. Fields are initially sorted by section.
  3. Select or clear the Read Only, Required, and Allow Mass Update for each field as needed.
    Note: When you select or clear an attribute for a field, the Allow Override check box is automatically selected.
  4. Use the arrows at the bottom of the page to navigate to more fields, or search for specific fields to override.
  5. Save your changes.