Enabling and Disabling Selection Field Values

You can enable and disable values for certain selection fields, such as Single Selection for projects. Selections for User, Multi-User, and Multi-Group fields can be enabled or disabled for workflows or projects.

This allows you to tailor the list of values users can select, depending on the project they are using.

For example, you may want to limit the values in the Item Type field, which is a Single Selection field, so that users can select only defects and enhancements for a hardware development project. For a software development project, however, users may need to select defects, enhancements, and change requests. You would add all of these selections to the Item Type field in SBM Composer, and then disable the change requests selection in the hardware projects.

These overrides can be made for default fields in projects for the following field types:

These overrides can be made for default fields in workflows or projects for the following field types:

To enable or disable values for fields:

  1. Edit the workflow or project for which you want to enable or disable selections.
  2. Select Default Fields.
  3. Search for or navigate to an applicable field.
  4. Click the field name.
  5. Select the Attributes tab.
  6. In the Values area, select the value you want to change, and then click one of the following options:
    • Enabled

      Allows users to select the value for the field.

    • Disabled

      Selections are not available as new values or for report search filters. If a selection is disabled after it has been used as a value by users, it appears as "(Disabled)" when they transition or update items.

    • Default

      Indicates the selection is inheriting its status from the workflow or parent project.

  7. Save your changes.