Assigning Roles for Specific Projects


Create roles for an application in SBM Composer, assign privileges to those roles, and then deploy the application.

Use the Roles page in the Projects view to assign users and groups to roles for specific projects.

To assign users or groups to projects:

  1. Edit a project, following the steps in Adding and Editing Projects.
  2. Select the Roles tab.
  3. Select a role, and then:
    • Click User Assignment to assign users to the role.
    • Click Group Assignment to assign groups to the role.
  4. Navigate to or search for the user or group to assign to the role, and then:
    • Click Enable to enable the user or group for role.
    • Click Inherit to remove role status overrides for the project you are editing.
    Tip: To see existing role assignments, filter the list of users and groups by status (Enabled or Disabled).
  5. Save your changes.