Submitting Items in the Editable Grid

You can use the Editable Grid to create items in applications (primary tables) and auxiliary tables.

To submit items using the Editable Grid:

  1. Open the Editable Grid and select the All transitions option.
  2. Click the Submit Item link next to the project or table you want to submit into, or select the project or auxiliary table from the Submit Into list.

    A new row is added to the table where you can complete the fields for the item. If the item contains required fields that are empty and are not contained in your report, an error icon: image appears, indicating that there are required fields that need values. Select Required Fields from the Actions list. The Edit Fields dialog box opens, and you can enter the values as needed.

  3. To prime or copy item details into a new item, select Replicate Item from the Actions list before saving your submit.
  4. Click Save to submit all new items. Click Discard to discard new items without submitting.

    To submit or discard an individual item, select Save Changes or Discard Changes from the Actions list.