Using Mentions in Work Items

You can use the mention feature as a quick way to bring an item to another user's attention. To use this feature, mention the user in an item's text field or note by typing @, followed by the user's login ID (for example, @bill for on-premise users or for on-demand users). If the user is subscribed to the appropriate notification ("Any [item] mentioned user"), he or she receives an e-mail notification.

For example, you may want to add a note to an item that requires another user to provide input. You can just mention the user within the context of the note, without having to send a separate e-mail from the item.


In fields with rich text enabled, when you start typing a user name after the @ symbol, a list of users appears. After you select a user, the user's name will appear as a link in the state form, and will open the user's contact card when clicked. The @ symbol and login ID text are hidden, but a user mention notification is still triggered.