Using the Social View

The Social view is an alternative view of work items that enables you to collaborate with other users. For example, an item feed enables you to see who has posted status entries, added notes and attachments, and more.

By default, the Item Details view is shown. To open the Social view from a report or search results list of items, click an item ID link, and then click the Social button.


Note: The Social view is not available for users with Occasional User or External User product access.

The Journal Log

Use the Journal Log (upper left corner) to:

Once added, Journal Log entries are listed in the Item Feed.

The Item Feed

The Item Feed enables you to see the latest changes to an item, as shown in the following example.


  1. By default, all changes to an item are shown in the feed. You can filter the list to show only journal entries, transition changes, notes, and more.
  2. Click a user's name to send an e-mail message to the user.
  3. Click Details to see the change history for a specific transition.

Ask an Expert

If your administrator has enabled the Experts feature, you can click the Ask an Expert link to see users who are considered experts for the item you are viewing. You can then send an e-mail to the experts. The suggested experts are ranked based on the number and kind of similar items that they have worked on. The top three users from this ranked list are displayed.

The experts are found and ranked based on the following criteria:
  • The title words in the item are used to search for similar items within the same project and subprojects. Similar items are found and ranked based on a weighted keyword search of the title and description within the items.
  • Only items that have been in the same state in the past six months are evaluated.

  • Deleted users are not included in the suggested expert list.

  • The current user is not included in the suggested expert list.


Click the Followers link to see which users are following this item. You can also follow the item yourself. When you follow an item, you will receive e-mail notifications based on changes to the item. The e-mail messages you received are determined by your administrator.

If the Followers link is not enabled, this feature has not been configured by your administrator.


Click the Contributors link to see a list of the users who own or have owned an item, contributed information to it, or are currently selected in a user-type field. For Multi-User fields, only the first five users selected in the fields are listed as contributors.


Along with the user's name, you can see:

  • image: Indicates the number of transitions executed by the user. Transitions include submit, updates, and other transitions.
  • image: Indicates the number of notes added by the user.
  • image: Indicates the number of attachments added by the user. Attachments include images, files, URLs, and item links.