Creating Search Filters Using Basic Conditions

To create search filters using basic conditions:

  1. Open the report form for an existing report or by creating a new report.
  2. In the Search Filter area of the form, select the Use Basic Conditions option. If your privileges only enable you to create basic conditions, this option is not available.
  3. Click Add to show Field Specifications.
  4. From the Fields drop-down list, select a field for which you want to create a search condition. Select an operator and field values as needed and as described in Working with Field Search Specifications. Optionally, select (Filters) if you want to find and use a report filter from list of pre-defined report filters. You can also combine one or more filters or use them in combination with fields to define your search conditions.
  5. Click OK to add the condition to the Search Filter box.
  6. Add conditions and use the up and down arrows to reorder conditions as needed.
  7. Click the Advanced link to specify search operators (AND and OR) for the conditions, group conditions by using parentheses to set a sequence for evaluating conditions, and re-order conditions as needed and as described in Advanced Search Filter Options.
  8. After specifying conditions for the report, preview or save the report.

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