The Web Service Dialog Box

The Web Service dialog box enables you to view the properties of imported WSDLs.

The following table describes these properties:

Property Description
Service Name Indicates the name provided for the Web service in SBM Composer.
WSDL Location Indicates the WSDLs location. Valid locations are file directories on an accessible server or fully qualified URLs.
WSDL Name Indicates the name defined in WSDL.
Service Location Indicates the WSDL's SOAP server location.
Description Indicates a description defined in the WSDL, if any.
Functions Indicates the functions included in the WSDL. Select a function and then double-click to open the Service Function Properties dialog box and view the function's properties. For details, refer to The Service Function Properties Dialog Box.
Credentials Indicates credentials used when the SBM Application Engine attempts to execute the Web service. If the server on which the Web service is stored requires you to authenticate, the service call will fail if valid credentials are not provided for the endpoint in Application Repository.