Storing Attachments in the Database

If your system uses multiple Web servers, you may choose to store attachment files in the database rather than the file system. Since each Web server connects to the database, the attachments are automatically available. This method of storing attachments may cause performance issues if your system has a large number of file attachments, however.

You can also temporarily store attachments in the database to import them into another SBM database or to ensure they are copied when you use the Copy Database Wizard.
Note: When the Store Attachments in the Database option is selected, the attachment directory information is used to temporarily store the attachments before they are added to the database.

To store attachments in the database:

  1. From the Options menu, select Settings or click the Settings icon on the toolbar.
  2. Select the Attachments tab. By default, the Store attachments on the file system option is selected and the attachments directory on the SBM Application Engine Web Server machine is the provided path.
  3. Select the Store Attachments in the Database option.
  4. You are warned that all files will be copied from the Path location into the database. Click Yes to continue.
    Note: If you select the Store Attachments in the Database option when you are connected to the SBM System Administrator using an ODBC connection, files are moved from the default location on the machine you are using or in the location specified in the Path box.
  5. In the Maximum File Size box, specify the maximum file size in megabytes (MBs) allowable for file attachments added to items. Users are informed of the maximum size allowed when they attach an item larger than the specified limit. The default size limit and maximum size limit is 500 MBs.
  6. Click OK.