Specifying an Exit URL

You can use the Exit URL to specify the URL of a Web page you want users to return to after they click Exit in SBM Work Center.

To specify an Exit URL:

  1. From the Options menu, select Settings or click the Settings icon on the toolbar.
  2. Select the Database tab.
  3. In the Exit URL box, specify a URL using the following guidelines:
    • Empty – You can choose not to specify an exit URL. When users click Exit, their IDs and passwords are cleared and a built-in default exit page opens, allowing users to log in again. This is the default setting for upgraded databases in which the Exit URL was never modified.

    • Exit URL outside of SBM – Specify a URL, such as http://www.MyExitURL.com, to direct users to a specified URL rather than the default exit page. For example, you could specify your company's intranet page as the Exit URL.

    • Exit URL inside SBM – Specify an Exit URL within SBM. Users are prompted for a new user ID and password and sent to the specified URL. Since the Exit URL is within SBM, this is considered a relogin. The default setting for new databases is tmtrack.dll?.
      Note: The Authentication settings in SBM Configurator affect how the Exit URL works if you specify an exit URL within SBM. This enables users to securely log out or to log in the system as a different user. If SBM Session Cookies are selected, users are prompted for their User ID and password before the specified URL is opened. If HTTP Basic Authentication is selected, users are also prompted for their User ID and password. To log in as a different user, the user should type the new User ID and password and click OK. To securely log out, users should click OK without providing a User ID or password. Be aware that if you are using Windows Domain (NTCR) authentication, Internet Explorer users are automatically logged back in to SBM with the current login information.
  4. Click OK.