License Server

In the License Server tab, you configure license server settings for SBM. You configure license settings in utility mode after your database has been initialized.

Important: For new installations, the License Server settings are not saved in the Application Engine database until after you run the Create Database Wizard in SBM System Administrator. After you run the wizard and successfully create the database, use SBM Configurator to enter your License Server settings.

Provide the following information:

Field Description
Use evaluation license Select this option if you do not currently have licenses, but want to evaluate SBM. SBM Configurator displays the number of days that remain in your evaluation period.
Use license manager Select this option to use license keys that you have purchased, and then enter the following information.
Server Enter the hostname or IP address of the server on which License Manager is installed. To specify a port number for the server, use the @ symbol before the host name. For example, if your license server uses port 81, enter 81@license server name.
Override for this machine Select this option if your system uses multiple license servers and you want to override the license server for a specific SBM Application Engine Web Server. When the check box is cleared, the license server host name applies to all Web servers.

You can specify multiple host names separated by a semi-colon to establish license server redundancy (in case one license server is shut down or fails). For example, you can concatenate server names in this format:


If licenseServer1 should fail, then licenses from licenseServer2 would still be available.

Important: Concatenating license server host names for redundancy purposes fails if your license server is not running on the default port. This means you can not specify an alternate port before the host name (such as 7000@licenseServer1;7000@licenseServer2). Therefore, do not concatenate license server host names if you are not using the default port.

Additional licensing information including the database identifier (which is used to confirm whether or not a copied database is identical to another database) and license usage logging settings are available in the License Options tab in SBM System Administrator.