The URLAttachment type holds information about a URL attached to a primary or auxiliary item. The URLAttachment type parameters are listed below.


Name Type Description
id integer This is the internal TS_ID of the URL attachment from the TS_ATTACHMENTS table.
name string The name you give the URL attachment in SBM.
url string The actual URL itself.
showAsImage boolean This flag indicates whether or not graphic images in a URL are shown on forms.
modificationDateTime dateTime The date and time when the URL attachment was last modified. See Supported Date/Time Formats for more information.
accessType Attachment-Access-Type Shows the access type for the URL attachment. The value is either DEFAULT, RESTRICTED, or UNRESTRICTED.
extendedData ExtendedData Placeholder for future arguments.


You can add a URL to a primary or auxiliary item using the URLAttachment argument. URLs can be links to an external Web site or to a page within SBM.
Note: If you set <urn:showAsImage> to true, the image appears instead of a hyperlink when the item is viewed. If you enter a URL to a graphic file such as http://www.acme.com/image.gif, the graphic appears. To show a URL graphically, an image file must be part of the URL. If you enter www.acme.com and select to show the URL as an image, an image does not appear because there is not an image file specified in the URL. Typically, this feature works for GIF and JPEG files, but can work in some browsers for PNG and BMP files as well. The file type that you can use for this feature depends on the file types your browser supports.
Tip: Internet Explorer is the only browser that supports URLs to files. Links to files do not work for users accessing the URLS to files from other browser types.


The following XML snippet shows the URLAttachment type in the <urn:urlAttachment> parameter of TTItem.

    <urn:name>test url</urn:name>