The ProjectIdentifier type holds the identification information for a project. The ProjectIdentifier type parameters are listed below.


Name Type Description
identifier Extension. See Identifier. Generic identification extension base. Holds the displayName, id, and uuid for a project.
fullyQualifiedName string The fully qualified name of the project. Specifies the project name as it exists in the project hierarchy with respect to project inheritance. To specify the fully qualified name for a project, you start with the Base Project, followed by any other projects in the inheritance chain that lead to your ultimate project.
internalName string Holds the unique internal name of the project.


The ProjectIdentifier is the identifier that can be used in Web service methods to uniquely identify a project. The ProjectIdentifier contains the generic information about a project (including the display name, ID, and UUID) in addition to the fully qualified name and unique internal name.

Note: You can send any one of the elements in the identifier—you do not need to provide values for every element. You only need to provide more than one element in the event that the first element does not uniquely identify the object.


The following XML shows ProjectIdentifier as seen in a typical call.

    <urn:displayName>Animation Pro</urn:displayName>
    <urn:fullyQualifiedName>Base Project||Base IDT Project||
    Software Development||Animation Pro</urn:fullyQualifiedName>