Attachment-Access-Type indicates the type of attachment on an item. It is used for note, item link, URL, and file attachments. This type is used to determine whether the attachment has a restriction, is unrestricted, or if neither is set.


Name Type Description
ATTACHACCESS-DEFAULT string System default for new attachments that makes the attachment only viewable by user privilege.
ATTACHACCESS-RESTRICTED string Explicitly restricts the attachment as specified by user privileges.
ATTACHACCESS-UNRESTRICTED string Makes the attachment visible to all users who can view the item.


You can allow users to specify individual attachments to items as "unrestricted," meaning that anyone with privileges to view the item can also view any of its attachments that are designated as unrestricted. By default, all attachments are restricted based on privileges granted to users.

The UNRESTRICTED status makes the file visible to all users who can view the item. You can set a file to have RESTRICTED status to restrict the file as specified by user privileges. The UNRESTRICTED status is disabled if you do not have privileges to set file attachments as unrestricted for the selected project or auxiliary table.

The RESTRICTED/UNRESTRICTED flag in Attachment-Access-Type sets or clears the same restriction that users can designate when adding attachments in the Web browser. The DEFAULT status is used when neither flag has been set.


The following XML shows Attachment-Access-Type in the <urn:accessType> element of a typical call.