The MultipleOption enumeration enables you to specify whether a Web service should stop on failure and send an error message or continue processing.


Name Type Description
CONTINUE-ON-FAILURE string If a failure is encountered, continue processing the rest of the items in the call.
STOP-ON-FAILURE string If a failure is encountered, stop processing items and return an error.


The MultipleOption element enables you to specify whether the service should continue if an error is encountered, or stop and throw an error. If any failures occur, each successive error message is appended to the string that is returned. Multiple error messages are separated by a single newline. Failures do not result in a return before all items have been processed. See GroupHolder for an example of a GetGroups call that returns an error, but continues to process the rest of the records.


The following XML shows MultipleOption in the <urn:multiOption> element of a typical call.